There are times when drinking quality wine matters, and times when it doesn’t.

Did I actually just write that? Well, I guess I just did!

We’re in the French Alps skiing, and I have to confess… I have drunk rubbish champagne, rubbish red from a wine box, and rubbish white too. I have drunk a Bordeaux 25cl bottle at 3,000 meters’ altitude – and yes I could taste some earthy vanilla flavors and smell a bit of the oak barrels in there.

But broadly, the only taste was that of sheer happiness.

Maybe our love of life is of a higher order than our love of wine. Because we’re not an anal-every-drop-of-wine-you-taste-must-be-analyzed-and-critique kind of wine club. We’re just a bunch of folks who really like quality experiences, wine being one of them. And in the Alps, whatever crap wine you drink, you get a high quality experience, go to bed happy, and dream of tomorrow.

If that’s not what life is about, then what else?

So try the following:

Then make your way up a mountain, sit down with your best group of friends, bury your face in some hearty food, preferably warm with lots of smelly cheese. Then write a review about these wines. I guarantee they’ll all taste terrific.

Unashamedly yours,