It’s very important to constantly strive to better ourselves as human beings and to aim to constantly learn. There are also essential cultural movements which we need to embrace (one of which is drinking wine). Shutting ourselves to those means gradual acceptance of imminent death. And with work being ever more demanding, we have a tendency to socialise less. This needs remediation.

With the above in mind, therefore, we have created Oui Love Wine.

Oui Love Wine is the world’s most famous (well, not yet but that’s our ambition) group of amateur wine drinkers… erm, tasters. It is a club and a blog (and might one day become a religion) where the amateur furthers his and her knowledge of one of life’s greatest pleasures: the tasting of wine (also known as wine tasting).

We’re no experts yet, but it’s just a matter of time! Our passion for wine only has for equal our love of life. And we love life a lot. So you do the maths.

The setup is simple. A core group of wine lovers, international in its nature (1/4 UK, 1/2 France, 1/8 Canada and 1/8 USA), meet once every two months. We drink wine. We chat.

Then the idea is that we share our findings on this website and everyone who reads them can benefit from the wisdom of our little crowd.

We are bound by a set of firm values meant to guide us in life as well as in drinking wine:

(it is an equalitarian club, strictly non-competitive, where superior knowledge is only respected when shared)

Regarding our two-monthly little gatherings, they tend to happen in a peaceful part of the world called Ealing.

That’s it. We hope you like reading us. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our story so far in numbers

We know that they are not going to impress anyone with these numbers. But it makes the site look nice and reminds us to stay humble.

Age of Oui Love Wine

Number of tasting events held since inception

Number of wines tasted

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